Auto & Boat Detailing

The Basics of Car Detailing

Auto detailing is a task which keeps the car in its top possible condition, particularly cosmetic, rather than purely mechanical. This is done by removing all visible and sometimes hidden internal contaminants from the car’s interior, and properly polishing it back to its original pristine blemish-free look. The goal is to have a workable, looking vehicle. But what factors must be taken into account when choosing a car detailing service in St. Petersburg, Florida?

One important factor is that a St. Petersburg car detailing services provider should be able to offer a complete exterior wash. A complete exterior wash is a comprehensive cleaning of the exterior bodywork, which involves removing all possible dirt and contaminates like bird droppings or dust, mud and spots. This will ensure that the leather seats are thoroughly cleaned. In addition to the exterior, a complete exterior wash should also include a thorough cleaning of the engine bay and a thorough prepping and waxing of the brakes.

Another important factor is the adhesion of vinyl coatings. All car detailing companies must be capable of using high pressure hot water to remove all dirt, grit and contaminants. In addition, the cleaning chemical used should be able to remove all bodywork oils and keep them away from future use. There should be a consistent car wash practice between car detailing companies, which calls for washing each and every vehicle twice per year, using the same soap and cleaning chemicals. If the chemical compound used is too strong, the car may warp or crack.

The third most important factor is that a car wash in St. Petersburg, Florida should use environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaning products and brushes. It is important for detailers to not spray any cleaning products directly at the cars, but spraying the areas where it will be absorbed into the surface of the car will make the cleaning process much easier. It is essential that detailers clean with a soft, clean bristle brush and use non-abrasive brushes, as this will prevent scratches on the exterior surfaces. Any type of abrasive brushes should be avoided, as this will only cause damage to the finish and paint of the vehicles. All cleaning products should be rinsed off completely and any residue cleaners should be properly disposed of.

The fourth and final factor that car detailing professionals should consider is the use of a quality microfiber detailing solution. Microfiber is designed to bond to and clean any type of surface, and is non-abrasive to both the fabric and the cleaning solution. Many car detailing professionals prefer the use of microfiber, because it allows for a much more thorough cleaning. Microfiber is also great on all types of surfaces, such as vinyl and chrome, which does not allow the use of regular cleaning solutions.

As previously mentioned, there are many aspects to car detailing that professionals must consider. One of those aspects is ensuring the highest quality of service to their customers. A quality car wash and detail service is imperative to the success of any professional detailing services, and can sometimes be the difference between getting your car cleaned and having to go to a professional detailing company in the first place. If you take the time to select and detail your vehicles properly, and follow all of the basic steps listed above, your vehicle should last longer and look better than it did on the day of your visit. While professional detailing can cost a bit of money, the return on investment is well worth it when you see how well your vehicles look after the detailing.